A Message of Hope – Confessions of an Ex-Satanist: How to protect yourself from Evil (Book)


Bottom Line:  Have you ever felt you’ve just been blindsided, only to have a good day result in a fall from grace with the flip of a switch?  Deborah Lipsky teaches you how to protect yourself from evil.  As an ex-satanist who converted to Catholicism, she lays bare all the enemy’s dirtiest tricks.  You’ll be able to spot an attack early on and take appropriate measures.

Quick Bite:  Once a slave to the Devil, Deborah says “As a recovering Satanist I still battle temptations like so many others caught in addictions of all sorts. With the help of the Blessed Mother and all the Holy Angels in this book I will share some of these struggles and strategies to overcome them so that those who are undergoing similar experiences can take comfort in knowing that they are not alone.”  Deborah shows us the inner workings of demons, and how powers and principalities – Satan’s army – is constantly seeking to devour our souls.  She exposes their tactics, their weapons, and the power of our Queen Mother and the Holy Church.

Synopsis:  As Deborah walks us through her faith journey, we are schooled with lessons on how evil began, heaven’s warriors, satan’s army, the nature of a demon, those secrets the demons don’t want you to know, demonic weapons of mass destruction, how we attract and dance with the devil, and how to protect ourselves from evil.

We are shown the many ways we leave open doors and leave our flank exposed.  More importantly, we are shown how our emotions and thoughts are used against us.  Here’s an example, taken from an interview conducted with the author concerning her book:  “Another thing we should all avoid is a sense of entitlement.  Anger comes through being hurt, and being hurt comes from having our sense of entitlement violated.  Anger can be a very destructive thing because it attracts demons like blood attracts sharks in water.”

Satan fought very hard to keep this book from coming into fruition.  He will fight equally as hard to keep you from picking it up and reading it.  Nothing humiliates him more than the embarrassment of being called out on his tricks.  Nothing makes him tuck his tail and run, like the coward he is, more than Mother Mary.  Read this book, and you’ll gain the enemy’s playbook.  You’ll see him coming, learn to expect the attack, and in turn, have a counter ready when you get hit with a surprise left.

It’s one thing to get caught off guard; quite another to compound mistakes and cause so much emotional damage and spiritual wounds over a tiny stupid nothing remark or action.  What you learn here will allow you to prevent something that strikes a nerve from turning into a full blown conflict that leaves carnage in its wake.