Women’s Ultreya

Women’s Ultreya

One of the key elements of Cursillo is to build up the Church in the world through groupings of people in their environments. One form of this grouping is Ultreyas, a Spanish word meaning Onward. This is where members of the small friendship groups (group reunions) come together as a larger community to pray together, read the Word of God, have access to spiritual direction, share, inspire and encourage one another to persevere in our Fourth Day. For those Cursillistas that have not yet joined or formed a small friendship group it enables them to connect with other Cursillistas to form these groups that meet weekly.  Ultreyas are a vital part of our Cursillo movement.

Pastorial Center St. Theresa Parish-Abbeville
2nd Tuesday each month 6:00 pm
Mickey Hargrave 337-652-7848

Lutcher Chapel and Holy Rosary in St. Amant
3rd Thursday each month 6:30 pm
Linda Averett  (225) 622-2622 or (225) 937-6318

Baton Rouge
Our Lady of Mercy Activity Center
2nd Wednesday each month 6:15 pm
Carla James (225) 667-7363 or (225) 229-5519

Bayou Vista
St Bernadette Church Hall (Saturn Rd & Jupiter Rd)
Every Thursday 7:00 pm
John Cart or Chip Morella
504-395-6892, 504-395-3293 or 504-384-8683

Breaux Bridge CO-ED
Conference Room, on side of St. Bernard Church
Every Wednesday 7:00 pm
Judy Legendre
337-845-5179, 337-288-0931 or 337-332-1779

St. Peter’s Hall
3rd Wednesday each month 6:30 pm
Michelle Regan 337-344-1129

Private Residence
1231 Jenkins Ave
1st Tuesday each month 6:30 pm
Linda Garrie 337-783-6295

Jennings/Lake Arthur
Conference Room Our Lady of the Lake
Linda Garrie 337-789-6295

Lake Charles
St Margaret Life center
1st Tuesday each month 7:00 pm w/ a rosary @ 6:30
Shirley Green 337-474-4460 or 337-842-4007

New Iberia
Our Lady of Nativity Barsen Hall
4th Thursday each month 7:00 pm w/ a rosary @ 6:30 pm
Roxie Landry 337-828-0701  337-579-0924
Lisa Dooley

St. Joan of Arc Hall
2nd Sunday each month 5:00 pm
Mary Donaldson 337-370-9870

Prairie Ronde
Cursillo Center
2nd Monday each month 7:00 pm
Laura Albrecht 337-585-3535 or 337-278-9878

Rayne CO-ED
St. Joseph’s Church (Cry Room)
Every Thursday 7:00 pm
Neal Duhon M.D.  337-334-2057

Our Lady of Prompt Succor Conf. Room
2nd Thursday each month  6:30 pm
Lee Richard 337-304-8792 or 337-287-4788
Send prayer request to:  sulphurultreya@yahoo.com

Family Ultreya @ LaSalette in Sulphur
3rd Tuesday each month 7:00
Mitch Martin   337-489-9479