Pentecost Walk

Pentecost Walk 2022


June 3-5 2022

Pentecost Mass will be at Noon

Sacred Heart in Prairie Ronde


“Were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road, while he was opening the Scriptures to us?” Luke 24:32


To be on a pilgrimage is to go along with your brother, through Christ to The Father under the impulse of the Holy Spirit, with the help of Mary and all the saints.


Dress code

Clothing & other items needed


  • No tank tops or shorts.
  • Bring a long sleeve shirt or light jacket for the night walks.
  • Bring an extra pair of shoes and plenty of extra socks (recommended 4-6 pairs).
  • Sleeping Bag.
  • Inflatable mattress.
  • Foot powder.
  • Bring your belongings in an old bag for it will get a lot of abuse.
  • Bring a reflective vest if you have one.
  • Bring your rosary if you have one.



  • Go to confession.
  • Ask for the priest’s blessing before the walk.
  • All of your meals and snacks will be provided.
  • Donations to cover the cost of meals and other expenses are optional.
  • Rides will be provided for those who don’t have a ride back.




June 2nd (Thursday)

DeQuincy Group


Trooper Leblanc (337) 764-4980

EJ McKay           (409) 670-6250

Departs DeQuincy, LA

Noon Lunch Trooper Leblanc

04:00 PM  Mass Our Lady of LaSalette

05:00 PM  Depart DeQuincy, LA


Lake Charles Group


James Davis       (337) 855-9608

Departs Lake Charles, LA

05:00 PM  St. Henry’s Depart


Baton Rouge Group


Brent Duplessis   (225) 376-0453

Departs Baton Rouge

  03:00 PM Depart W side Old Miss.Bridge

June 3rd (Friday)

DeQuincy Group

Departs Kinder

06:00 PM  Kinder, LA


Lake Charles Group

Departs Iowa

12:00 AM Arrive St. Raphael’s, Iowa

02:00 AM  Depart

05:30 AM Woodlawn Breakfast

10:00 AM  Arrive St. Charles, Fenton 

10:30 AM  Holy Mass Venton

12:30 PM  Depart

06:00 PM  Arrive St. Philip Neri Kinder


Lake Arthur Group


Michael Matt       (337) 824-0341

Shirley Guidry     (337) 774-2933

Departs Lake Arthur

06:30 AM  Mass Our Lady of the Lake

07:30 AM  Depart Lake Arthur, LA 

            12:00 AM Arrive St. Paul’s Elton, LA


New Iberia Group


Chad Judice        (337) 319-0798

DJ Hidalgo     (985) 397-0961

Departs New Iberia

      07:00 AM Depart Our Lady of Nativity


Breaux Bridge Group


Daniel Greene       (773) 575-0862

Departs St. Bernard Church

      06:30 AM Depart St. Bernard Church 

            07:00 AM Mass @ St. Francis of Assisi


           Catahoula Group


Kevin Theriot      (337) 380-1298

Shane Dugas      (337) 577-1314

           Departs St. Martinville

      09:00 AM Depart community of                             

      Jesus Crucified parking lot

   June 4th (Saturday)

     Lake Arthur Group

     Departs Elton

12:30 AM Arrive St. Paul’s, Elton


      Catahoula Group


      Departs Catahoula

 04:00 AM Depart St. Rita’s Catholic


All walkers arrive at St. Ann’s Lawtell.  Mass will be at 6 PM. 

Supper for all walkers after Mass.


    June 5th (Sunday)

      All walkers will depart from St. Ann’s        

       at 05:30 AM.  Arrive noon Prairie Ronde


       Mass will be at Noon in Prairie Ronde


        Lunch will be provided behind the     

        Cursillo Center  between 

        01:30 PM  – 02:30 PM