iMissal– ($4.99) AppleAndroid (iMissal link for this temporarily out of order)Blackberry   Kindle Fire. (Windows Phone version is $6.99). Ordinary  Form of the Roman Catholic Mass.  Here’s a link explaining all the features of this great app which comes fully loaded.  Just click the day on the little calendar and voilà, the Liturgy of the Word readings are there in proper order AND linked to their iMissal Bible (NABre) integrated directly with iMissal so that you can jump from Mass readings and Bible verses directly into iMissal Bible for full contextual reference (another reason to get this app). Please note that the Bible is a separate purchase ($9.99) and only available on iOS format at this time. The text on iMissal is easy to read because you can bump up the text size with the zoom-in tool or set it to desired size in settings. Text is re-formatted to fit when you zoom. Very helpful so you can read comfortably in your pew without holding your smartphone to your face which distracts people around you.  Internet/phone connection is NOT needed to run this app’s basic features like Mass text and Bible, so you can have confidence that you always have the text for the day with you. Updates include Our Daily Bread (verses linked to iMissal’s bible); audio readings (requires internet connection) which can aid lectors with pronunciation, HQ video of Mass from CatholicTV (requires internet connection), and much more.

My only complaint is the occasional omission and inaccuracy which I warn about in the disclaimer above. For instance, in 2013 the feast day was incorrect on August 12 (for USA) and on October 28 the Gospel was completely omitted from the readings. In 2014, Friday within the Octave of Easter still offered the Feast of St. Mark with no other options to change the text to the correct feast. Apps are not flawless, so it pays to trust but verify, especially if you are planning to use them in a public setting or at a public Mass.

Because of inconsistencies with the Sacramentary, we do not recommend iMissal’s Roman Missal for priests to use saying Mass here in the United States. For example, we note incorrect feast days or incorrect Collects and Prefaces for the day. For this reason, the U.S. priests who tested Missal apps for us prefer to use the Roman Missal in iBreviary (Ordinary Form in English 3rd edition) when they say Mass using a tablet.

iMissal is available only in English as developers await the USCCB approval for the Spanish lectionary which they report will be forthcoming. You do not need an internet connection to run this app for the basic features like Mass texts. That includes the Bible which also works off line.

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