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Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever! Welcome to the official Cursillo Movement at Prairie Ronde website. My name is Father Ted Broussard, blessed to be the current Spiritual Director, and I thank you for visiting this site and expressing interest in the Cursillo Movement. The Cursillo Movement has existed in Prairie Ronde, Louisiana for over forty years, there are over an estimated 40,000 people who have made the weekend.

In Christ, the Lamb of God,

Rev Theodore Joseph Broussard

Spiritual Director, Cursillo

Upcoming Cursillos for 2024

Próximos Cursillos para 2024

Men’s Cursillo 

Women’s Cursillo 

Cursillo en Español para Hombres 

Cursillo en Español para Mujeres

Our Spiritual Director

Rev. Theodore Joseph Broussard 

Spiritual Director, Cursillo

Cursillos in Christiantiy

In today’s world, can Christianity penetrate the many areas of secular life?              

Cursillo Weekend

A Cursillo can be made only once in a lifetime, it is not a substitute for a retreat.