Offer Prayers & Palanca

Palanca is a Spanish word which means lever

A lever (palanca) is a fixed body, typically a metal bar, pivoted on a fixed fulcrum used to move or lift a load.. We use a lever to overcome a resistance.

In the Cursillo Movement, we use the word palanca to designate the spiritual force represented by voluntary prayers and sacrifices which are done individually or in community with the aim of obtaining the grace of conversion.

In the same way that the lever enables a person to lift something which is beyond his or her strength, the prayers and sacrifices allows the apostle to accomplish more than he or she could alone. The palancas help to overcome the resistance to grace for those for whom we pray.  Palancas help to make life arise in abundance.

This is a mystery of faith. To offer a palanca is to put into practice the dogma of the Communion of Saints. As mentioned by Pius XII in his Encyclical on the Mystical Body : “It is really an awesome mystery, which we will never meditate enough, that the salvation of many is dependant on the voluntary prayers and sacrifices of the members of Christ’s Mystical Body”.  (Encyclical on the Mystical Body)

All cursillistas are invited to “do palancas” especially on the occasion of Cursillo weekends which are happening in their diocese.

You can phone in your Palanca at (337) 543-7425 or use the online form to submit your Palanca.